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Below are a few questions we were asked by a newspaper with regards to teen alcoholism.

Teen alcoholismTeen Alcoholism

1.Do you see and increase in the number of teenagers needing alcohol rehabilitation?

We have not seen an increase in this. In-fact it’s a relatively low number that approach for treatment for alcohol.

2.What are these teens home backgrounds?

We find with teens entering rehab for alcohol addiction only (no drug use) they are middle to upper class with occasionally over worrying parents. Its very unusual for a teen to admit they have an alcohol problem as they are probably unaware due to peer pressure, social surroundings etc.

3.How many teens do you have this year on alcohol rehabilitation?

In the Western Cape its 6 for alcohol only (this includes all contacts but not necessarily if they went into treatment). This is a tiny percentage based on the calls/emails we receive daily. If we look at drugs this figure increases remarkably.

4.How many did you have who are under age over the last 3 years?

I will need to dig deeper into our stats for this info. Its not a very big figure. Under 50

5.How old was the youngest?

16 alcohol only

6.What is the average age of teens being rehabilitated for alcoholism.

18 years old

I think a problem exists that is almost invisible. With alcoholism on its own its rare people realise they have a problem and seek help until around the age of 23. We find that teen drinking is accepted and almost the norm. Its only when people move out of the peer groups or home they realise a problem exists. Please also bare in mind the info provided is for sole alcoholism not drugs.

The reason the statistics raise allot higher with drugs is the instant social stigma and increased worry from the family. Alcohol is linked in the majority of our drug addicted clients. The most common reason for teens ending up in treatment is generally being caught with drugs as oppose to seeking help.

We don’t think raising the legal age of alcohol will make much difference. The entire substance abuse problem needs adressing as a whole. We have recently seen licencing hours change in bottle stores to be more lenient – its had no real impact on our figures as a whole. If someone wants something in South Africa they can genrally obtain it regardless of laws etc.

Teen alcoholism – Need help or advice with addiction? Email help@homedetox.co.za or call 021 300 1817

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