Process Addiction

Process Addiction

Do you or someone you know suffer from Process addiction? For free advice & treatment options please call us on 2787 550 1938

What is Process Addiction?

“Process Addiction” covers a wide range of addictions where the principle is the same and no addictive substance is involved. The human brain actually releases similar chemicals to when a substance is used so it is very similar to a substance addiction. Eating Disorders, Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction & Spending Addiction are all examples of Process Addictions. These can manifest in your life in a variety of ways and sometimes sit alongside a substance addiction (alcohol/drug).

Process Addictions & Substance Addiction

These addictions do go hand in hand. The problem being is the process addiction is usually overlooked in favour of the substance addiction. Many experts believe that the process addiction is actually the root of Substance Addiction so understanding that will help conquer your Substance Addiction. Process Addictions are now being recognized and treated in certain Rehab Clinics across the world usually alongside substance addiction. We have access to specialist Addiction Treatment Clinics that solely treat process addictions. Process Addictions are very complex in comparison to substance addiction although they work on the same addictive patterns they are very different to treat. Most people with a substance addiction will normally have at least one process addiction which is either suppressed or encouraged by substance abuse.  If you need advice regarding a process addiction please call us on 2787 550 1938.

Process Addiction


We have specialist Clinics across South Africa & the World.

What Can we treat?

These Clinics can treat Over Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia & Co-Dependency. Addictions covered: Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Self Harming, Exercise, Fetishes, Hand Washing, Internet, Money, Relationships, Religion, Self Injurious Behaviors (SIB), Sleep, Spending, Stealing, Television, Trichotillomania (Chronic Hair Pulling), Video games & Work. Call us today on 2787 550 1938 for free advice

You can read more about process addictions on this external site.


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