An honest letter to the parent of an addict

I am going to be straight with you. She cannot be helped if she does not want help. The mood swings are a direct result of her using. There is a consequence for all drugs and that is as high as one goes when on the drug, the low she will go when not using. This is the vicious circle of drug use, which rapidly becomes dependency because they do not want to experience the low. There is no physical withdrawal from Cocaine or ecstasy, only erratic sleeping patterns and the mood swings because the brain chemistry is unbalanced.

Physical withdrawal only really applies to alcohol and Heroin. Having worked in a rehab for 4 years and with more than 900 people , my belief is that it is the underlying emotional state of a person that drives the usage and capacity for self-destruction. The reason being that the drugs ‘numb the pain’.

For the period when they are high they do not feel the emotional pain of not coping with life. The problem is when they come down all the problems are still there and they feel even worse because they are hung over. So they use again. I do not agree with providing mood stabilizers as a solution because it is just substituting one drug for another and from what you are telling me she was using in combination. She is more than likely drinking when she is using and if she is on prescription medications, this will be the reason for the organ failure. There is no guarantee of success with rehab, even if the person is completely willing to sort themselves out. In my opinion, what it does do is offer that person about a month out of their lives to hopefully gain some perspective and then be able to take better control.


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