What is Home Detox?

We get asked this allot. This was my last response to someone inquiring about what is on offer and who to. Suitability is a huge thing with home based unsupervised detox and we take no risks with our clients safety!



We offer Home Based detox services for all opiates (Heroin, Nyaope, Codeine and Methadone along with a few others).

Our detox for opiates depends on various factors including how they are used (intravenous etc). We also tailor each programme to the individual but will normally have a full opiate detox completed within 10 days absolute maximum.

To be considered for this detox there must be no cross addiction AT ALL as we will not deal with complex detoxes in this manner and will recommend visiting our specialised detox unit.

The candidate must also be deemed fit from our extensive assessment on mental health and our doctors further physical and mental assessment in person.

If successful in being accepted for our home detox programme it is highly likely one of our stipulations is our telephone counselling package for at least one month but usually three months. The only time this is not a requirement is for someone with long term recovery who is familiar with the NA/AA programme and has had a small slip or relapse. Ideally someone who has the support structure in place to remain sober once detoxed. Detox is not the answer just a physical break from the addiction giving our patients a window of opportunity to recover.

Each case varies and our actual pricing can only be determined once the detox is fully complete.

The cheapest case scenario of an opiate detox we quote (without telephone counselling) is R6500.00 although we have done for R5250.00.

So in short 10 days is required for the detox and up to 3 months for our home based telephone programme of 1 hour per day excluding weekends. We also expect our candidates to attend daily meetings for the first month at least. We do not look to take on cases we feel will are not 100% committed.

People suited and ready for our detox are serious about recovery.

We do not offer brochures as the reality is it would be a waste of time. 90% of people looking for a home detox are simply unsuitable for various reasons and are referred towards rehab clinics.

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