HDSA Wins “Best home addiction treatment 2015” South Africa

HDSA Corporate Visions AwardsHome Detox South Africa were recently awarded “best home addiction treatment provider 2015” in South Africa from the Corporate Visions awards ceremony held late 2015. The award is another feather in the cap for what was all in all a great year for the Home Detox brand globally. Home Detox UK won best addiction treatment 2015 for Europe in the GHP awards.

The corporate vision awards are recognition of company branding and growth across measured markets specifically in Africa. Home Detox South Africa has grown at a tremendous rate opening new ventures in Mozambique, Namibia, Dubai & India. It looks like 2016 might hold more awards for the Home Detox group with 6 nominations for various awards already been welcomed in March 2016.

Home Detox South Africa started out with the aim of helping individuals but has very quickly turned into a social development type enterprise by using any profits made to reach deeper into struggling communities. HDSA is working at a grass roots level providing factual information and leaflets on drugs, the dangers and ways of avoiding damage (harm reduction). They also provide free advice and support through the HDSA care line and interviews for media outlets. HDSA has recently starting allowing people to gain work experience through our HDSA learning path.

The Corporate Vision award has been welcomed into our growing cabinet. Admissions director James Korsten said “We are not in this for awards we are here to help people. We will happily take awards though!”

Home Detox South Africa is open 24/7 365 days a year and always available to help. We have just secured a deal with a loan provider allowing us to offer treatment to an even wider audience.

Do you know someone who needs help or advice about addiction or compulsive behaviors? Home Detox South Africa can really help. Simply call us on 087 550 1938 or email help@homedetox.co.za – We are waiting to help you beat addiction.

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