Welcome to Home Detox South Africa’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. The aim of this page is to give advice and guidance and give you an idea of what we offer. We would also like to be able to offer answers in relation to addiction in this section. Even if your answer is here do not hesitate to contact us for free advice and guidance in relation to addiction. Call 07240 08239 or email help@homedetox.co.za now!FAQs


I don’t have money for rehab or help. Can you offer me any free services?

  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide any free services at the moment. We can give advice and point you in the right direction. I would recommend you visit this site for advice on free and subsidized services

Will my medical aid pay for my treatment? FAQs

  • In most cases depending on your policy medical aid will pay for treatment. This does vary depending on the policy you hold. Contact us on 087 550 1938 to find out if your medical aid will cover your treatment

I don’t have medical aid but my spouse does. Will this cover my treatment? FAQs

  • As above this is dependent on the policy. In many cases a spouses medical aid will pay for your stay in rehab.

My partner is an addict/alcoholic but will not admit it or seek help. What can I do?

  • We offer an intervention service. Click here to read more about it.

Is all my information confidential?

  • Yes! We pride ourselves on being professional and would never share your details with anyone. We understand the stigmas attatched to addiction and confidentiality is key to our service

Do you offer credit or set payment dates for treatments?

  • Unfortuntaly for all our rehab treatments we either need medical aid in place or funds upfront. We can howevere depending on circumstances offer payment plans for our home based services.

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Really good service. You have really helped us and saved our sons life.

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