Alcoholics Daily Reading – Tuesday 18 March 2014


Victory over Jealousy We hear of successful people who drop their friends after moving up the ladder. Maybe, however, it wasn’t their choice. Maybe they were driven to do so because their friends jealousy made the friendship unworkable. We have little trouble accepting a stranger’s good fortune, it’s a different feeling, however, when friends and co-workers move ahead of us. If the green demon of jealousy strikes during the day, we can come to terms with it in several ways. First, accept no guilt that it happens, because jealousy is part of the human condition. Next, depersonalize it i by remembering that good fortune comes to all people in various ways. Then check your own gratitude level to make sure that it hasn’t been sinking. This serves as a reminder that there’s no shortage of the things that really make for happiness and personal well-being in life. We can easily tell when we’ve been able to oust the green demon. We’ll be able to be relaxed and gracious while extending congratulations for another person’s good fortune. And months down the road, we’ll be genuinely sympathetic – not vindictive – if the other person’s luck turns sour. While I don”t expect to feel jealousy today, I accept the fact that it can happen. Should it appear, I’ll work calmly to deal with it. TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE AND GRACIOUS ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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2 comments on “Alcoholics Daily Reading – Tuesday 18 March 2014
  1. Colin says:

    This readings are shit.

  2. Ashley Evan says:

    Helpful! Thanks

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